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With an immediately recognisable, iconic logo and proud British heritage, Kangol is one of the most well-known and loved premium streetwear brands in the world. Kangol prides itself in being the leader of urban street fashion. Super cool, premium apparel and headwear brand and leading icon of street style.

Kangol draws upon its rich heritage to define its product range, resulting in a creative fusion of British culture and urban street style.

To this day, its rich heritage and celebrity associations are key to the brand, with Kangol adorning the heads of Samuel L Jackson, Eminem and Justin Timberlake.


  • To create an authentic style steeped in British heritage and traditions, infused with New York’s progressive creativity.
  • To preserve our admiration for headwear & Streetwear and pass this onto the next generation.




Kangol was officially born in remote corner of the North West England.


Kangol later gained its notoriety for providing berets to British army in WW2, and by outfitting the English Olympic team in the 1948 opening ceremonies.


The 1960's saw Kangol's first association with popular musicians including The Beatles, Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin and Arnold Palmer.


In the 80's and 90's Kangol became inextricably linked with birth of the Hip Hop culture and music. With this, Kangol has been worn by Hip Hop's biggest names such as The Notorious B.I.G and LL Cool J. The brand has also been worn by many celebrities such as Eminem, The Beatles and most famously, Samuel L Jackson who later developed his own range with Kangol.


Kangol undertakes several collaboration  projects with the like of Hiroshi, Alife in New York, and Patta in Amsterdam, and Collete in Paris to name a few. These limited edition collections become highly sought after items and many sell out immediately.

2010 - Present

The new millennial generation connects the Kangol Casual Bucket with the birth of hip hop and further reinforce Kangol's history and revelance within today's music culture. Prominent high end designers, such as Junya Watanabe, Alexander Wang, and Andrea Crews also look to Kangol as authority in headwear and feature collaborative headwear in their seasonal collections. To this day its rich heritage and celebrity associations are key to the brand.

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